MotoGP boss: Top speed not a concern

Top speed records are being broken fairly regularly in MotoGP, with the current fastest of 349.6km/h (217.2mph) set by Ducati rider Andrea Iannone reached in Italy in 2014.

However, Cecchinelli believes most accidents don't happen at top speed and says that is not a major worry.

He said: "Having said that, yes, top speed is of course a concern. But we have to be, let's say, not too emotional about it. Top speed numbers are big and so they scare but it is very rare that you have an accident at top speed. Also I remember one or two of them – maybe because of a tyre problem – but, by chance, the outcome was thankfully not serious. 

"So top speed is a concern but it is not the most dangerous scenario in terms of an accident. Yes we would like to do something. We would like to have a medium-term plan to, if not reduce, at least 'roof' top speed. But this topic is at the moment on the table of the manufacturers because there are very easy ways to do it, which they do not like…

"The rev limiter is clearly something that would help many aspects. One is limiting top speed but also engines would be cheaper, you could race with less engines and matching fuel limitation would be easier. It would really save money and it would be a very good way to close the technical gap between the top guys and the others. 

"But at the moment we are the only ones pushing in that direction. So what is so far agreed with the manufacturers is, 'yes, top speed is a concern and please let us have your opinion in the medium term'. Not tomorrow."