Crutchlow frustrated by wet struggles

Cal Crutchlow was left frustrated by his lack of speed in the rain on Saturday after qualifying in 15th place for the Japanese Grand Prix at Motegi.

The Englishman is known for his prowess in wet weather, but Crutchlow was unable to get close the top riders in Q1, before, a slip up on the final corner cost him dearly.

His mistake aside, Crutchlow was at a loss to explain why he was losing time “Everywhere. Leaving pit lane. The whole lap.”

Saturday’s disappointment added to his frustrations and not just from Motegi.

“It wasn’t just the last sector,” he said referring to his blunder.

“The Sachsenring, Assen, Aragon, every time I’ve rode in the rain, it hasn’t worked this year, simple as that. Pissed off.”

Asked what the problem was, he said: “No idea. If I knew, I’d f**king be fastest! I’ve qualified on pole, I’ve had podiums, I’ve won races in the rain, and now I can’t even be in the top 15. And I didn’t change anything.

“Marc [Marquez] over the years has not been the best wet weather rider out of everyone, and now he’s by far the best. He can ride this bike. Jack won a race last year, but he’s been nowhere in the rain all year.

“It seems that we’re struggling at the moment to ride this bike with this engine in the rain, and I don’t know why. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it means that everyone else could be wrong.”

Asked about which conditions he would prefer for Sunday’s race, Crutchlow replied: “It doesn’t matter. I’ve done s**t in every condition all year. Full rain, normal track, and drying track. And over the years I’ve qualified on pole in full rain, I’ve been on the podium with every bike that I’ve ridden in the rain, and now I can’t even qualify in the top 15.”