Marquez to repeat ‘Assen move’

On the final lap at Assen, Marquez drove down the inside of Rossi only for the Italian to cut through the Chicane and hang on for the win.

In a television interview on Thursday ahead of the German Grand Prix, Marquez said now that he knows that what Rossi did was legal he would do it himself in the future.

"I'd do the same again, but it's true that we have learned something new: that what Valentino did is allowed, and that's good to know for the future," Marquez told Spanish television.

"There have been a lot of different situations on that corner and this one had never happened before.

"In the end, Valentino during his career has been innovating and coming up with new things which are always helping us learn.

"We'll try not to do it again, but if we get to that point, we know that it can be done," he added.