Lorenzo: Officials could have acted sooner

Ducati rider Jorge Lorenzo believes that had MotoGP race direction acted sooner then the issues around Marc Marquez’s actions in Argentina could have been avoided.

Rossi slams dangerous Marquez

The controversy involving Marquez happened at the Argentina MotoGP on the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit on 8 April, when he received three penalties during the race.

It began with a ride-through for not leaving the grid after stalling and then re-starting his bike at the end of the sighting lap.

The second penalty, where Marquez had to drop a position, came about when he barged into Aleix Espargaro while racing through the field. 

Then towards the end of the race in a stunning ride, Marquez powered through the field and when he came upon Rossi on Turn 13, he barged the Italian out of the way and Rossi then fell over on the grass.

Marquez was penalized for the third time in the race ending up in 18th position.

Lorenzo said he believes his own wayward tendencies stopped after he was received a one-race ban in his debut year in 2005 while competing in the 250cc class at the Japanese GP in 2005, when he took Alex de Angelis out of the race.

Adding that had MotoGP race officials acted sooner in Marquez’s career his aggressive style could have been more polished.

“I hope like always, it’s always needed that something big or quite big happens to take big action to change something,” said Lorenzo. “This shouldn’t be like that in my opinion, but life is not the way you want it to be.

“Sometimes, to change something, something big needs to happen. Looks like now we have to do something, because the actions with Marc and Aleix and Valentino, but something should have happened before.

“My position is the same, the same I have now, the same I had in 2013 five years ago: In a dangerous sport, you need to protect the rider. It’s one thing to be crazy when you are making a hot lap or you are alone, it’s another thing when you are putting the risk and the health of other riders.

“The referee or Race Direction should penalize strongly these actions. That’s the only way the riders who make these actions stop making these actions. Because he knows that some penalty will happen to me. It happened to me in 250, I was very aggressive, and I changed completely my strategy and my point of view.

“Now, if you think riders who never made a mess, you think of [Dani] Pedrosa, [Andrea] Dovizioso, or myself, or maybe someone else. If you think of the opposite, you can also count those riders on one hand, the riders who are sometimes too aggressive.

“Finally, it’s not the rider’s fault. It’s Race Direction fault. If Race Direction gives hard penalties, next time the rider won’t make this action, for sure. So it’s always Race Direction’s fault.

“Race Direction can sometimes make a mistake, like a soccer referee. But it should not be usual to make a mistake. Now I think we have to put one level more. Learning from what happened in Argentina, this is OK, it should have happened before, but OK, after Argentina, one level more.”