Pedrosa will ‘travel and try’ in Texas

Despite undergoing surgery just last week, Dani Pedrosa has revealed that he will be present in the USA this weekend and will attempt to compete at the Circuit of the Americas.

A wrist injury after crashing in Argentina forced Honda’s Pedrosa to have surgery in Spain last week.

It was assumed that Honda test driver Stefan Bradl would take his place for the MotoGP in Austin this weekend, however, it has now emerged that Pedrosa believes he might be able to find a way to race with the pain.

“Since the operation, I started feeling a bit better every day,” said Pedrosa.

“I’ve been doing exercises to gain mobility and reduce the inflammation.

“Little by little I’m recovering muscle tone, and this allows me to see some progress.

“From here it’s difficult to know our real possibilities.

“We’re going to a difficult track and until I’m back on my bike I won’t be able to really know my situation.

“But what’s clear to me at this moment is that it’s well worth it to travel and try.

“An important part of my strength to go to Austin comes from your messages of support, so thank you very much to all of you.”

While remarkable, stories like this are not uncommon in MotoGP.

Its was of course only last year when Valentino Rossi took just 23 days to return to the track after a double leg break.