Rossi: Dovi success shows young riders need time

Moto GP legend Valentino Rossi says Andrea Dovizioso’s successful 2017 season shows that young riders shouldn’t be rushed.

Dovizioso has been in MotoGP since 2008, but this season marked the first occasion that the Italian was involved in the title battle.

Six wins saw the 31-year old quadruple his number of MotoGP wins as he kept the heat on eventual champion Marc Marquez right up until the final race.

Rossi said that Dovizioso’s 2017 season was “a very good story” because it showed that in the face of difficulties young riders can still come good as long as they are given the time to improve.

“The story of Dovizioso is a very good story because he passed through difficult periods in his career, especially in MotoGP,” said the doctor.

“Everybody has to learn from him because he never gave up but especially he never lost the faith, he had self-belief.

“He won two races in nine years and six races in one year. To do like this, we have to be strong, balanced.

“We try to help our guys, we try to work to improve every time. For sure you are in a hurry, yes, but everybody needs time.

“It is like this, not just in MotoGP, not just in our sport. In every sport, everybody wants the result straight away. The time is running away, you never have time.”