The John Dykes Show: What happened at Anfield?

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After an interesting weekend of Premier League action, Dykes will analyse the derby between Manchester United and Liverpool.


On Friday we asked what would happen at Anfield? A couple of days later we will try make sense of a fixture that promised so much and delivered so little.

Was Jose Mourinho to blame for the dull spectacle that unfolded? Was his defensive approach the right one?

All this and more. Stay with us. It’s going to be fascinating.

And business commences

Here are the results from the weekend. The one we’ll be touching on first is the clash in the North West

‘United could have won it and they should have won it but they never because they never tried to’

Palace stunned Chelsea and Dykes feels The Blues have now been badly exposed without Ngolo Kante

Team of the week – what an outfit like Arsenal would do for defensive personnel like this!

Thats all for today. Some brilliant thoughts. Catch us again at the same time on Wednesday

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