The John Dykes Show: Sales and surprises

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It’s the start of a new week that sees the return of Premier League football and that means John Dykes has plenty to discuss to get you in the mood for the weekend’s action.

We’ve been on an international break but the Premier League is such a layered competition that there are always talking points.

First up, Liverpool Football Club have been valued at £1 billion. Buyers can potentially make or break a football club. Many are of the opinion that Liverpool need a fresh face at Anfield but will that astronomical number deter those interested in the Merseyside giants?


Secondly, which players and clubs have been the most surprising (good and bad) this Premier League season?


That and much more to come.

And so it begins

If you are one of those who finds international breaks slightly boring, imagine how the managers of these players feel!

Stat attack – Manchester City feature in a number of different departments when it comes to the best in Europe

‘I can win any game 1-0’ is one of Jose Mourinho’s most famous quotes… remember that when an injury-hit United face Liverpool this weekend

Brilliant Burnley, Wonderful Watford and Solid Swansea have been the surprise packages so far this season

The fans share a similar sentiment

Lets make it personal now… Here is the surprise XI in person

And thats all for today. Join us again on Wednesday at the same time as we build-up to some mouth-watering fixtures.

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