McIlroy may be able to settle

After the multi-million pounds action started on Tuesday, the case was initially deferred until 2pm.

It was then deferred a second time, until 4pm, with the world No 1 golfer???s senior counsel, Paul Gallagher, saying “the parties are making progress”.

McIlroy is both suing Conor Ridge’s Horizon Sports Management company and being counter-sued over the terms of an agreement he struck with the firm in 2011.

The deal, which was renegotiated in 2013, was to last until 2017, with Horizon receiving commission on the golfer’s financial dealings.

McIlroy has taken action over ??4.2m in fees to Horizon from his earnings on and off the course.

Horizon, meanwhile have argued they have a contract with McIlroy entitling them to a share of his endorsement earnings until 2017.

McIlroy terminated his contract with Horizon in September 2013, forming his own company to manage his affairs, Rory McIlroy Inc.

He argued the terms of his deal were vastly inferior to those signed by other golfers at Horizon, including fellow countryman and major winner Graeme McDowell.

He claims Horizon charged almost four times what top ten golfers pay to agents.

McIlroy was with Horizon when he signed a sponsorship deal with equipment manufacturers Nike in early 2013, said to be worth $100m over five years, and also signed other lucrative deals.

The four-time major winner did not talk to reporters as he arrived at court on Tuesday morning.

But before his success in Dubai, McIlroy said the legal dispute was not something he would “want anyone to go through”.

“It’s not a nice process. It’s a shame it’s went this far but it’s hard when two sides see things completely differently,” he said.

“The only way to sort it out is to get a judge to come in and tell us what to do.”