Hole-in-one wins a house

The 22-year-old was five over par and heading out of the tournament when he arrived at the 192-yard par three, but one perfect swing ensured that he would not be leaving the Black Mountain Golf Club empty-handed.

Pittayarat described his six-iron as his new best friend after his memorable ace won him a magnificent new townhouse currently under construction alongside the ninth fairway.

“I feel like I’ve won this golf tournament!” Panuphol said after being handed the keys to the four-storey, three-bedroom property. “I hit the ball to the right and it was a good shot.

“I wasn’t sure if it had gone in, but one of the guys ran up and he said there’s no golf ball on the greens. So I started yelling and I was out of my mind. Six-iron is now my friend.”

Pittayarat also birdied the 16th before completing an entertaining one-under 71, but that was four shots too many to survive the halfway cut.

“I’m still shaking after finishing 18 holes. I didn’t really think I would ace that hole. It’s the second time I got a hole-in-one in my career,” he added.

“All I got the first time was two shots but this time I really got something. I’ve seen the pictures of the house every day since I arrived here. And now it’s mine!”