Ko: Widespread changes were not planned

Lydia Ko says it was just a coincidence she changed her coach, caddie and clubs all at the same time last year.

At just 19-years-of-age, Ko is the world’s best player and has been for quite some time.

However, at the back-end of last year she went 10 events without a victory. She is yet to break that run.

It felt like something of an early-life crisis for the prodigious Kiwi talent. She does, after all, have 19 professional titles to her name.

Ko will compete in the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open that starts on Thursday.

She now has a new coach, a new caddie and new equipment but denies that those changes were a reaction to her poor run of form in late 2016.

“I obviously wasn’t planning to say ‘hey I want to change everything up’,” Ko said.

“Even though I might be the number one ranked player in the world, I still feel like there’s a lot of aspects of my game that I can improve on. And I think no matter what ranking you are, you have got to have that mind-set because there is always a position for you to get better.

“A lot of things have changed but it’s a really exciting time. I’m confident in the team that I have changed, equipment-wise too.

“I think it’s more the excitement factor rather than worrying about ‘hey, is this going to work out or not’.”

“With Gary my caddie, this will be my third week working with him.

“We’re still in the process of getting to know each other and I think the relationship will hopefully get better as we go on.

“But coach-wise I just wanted to simplify things. I got compliments from other players with the new swing so I think we’re going down the right direction.”

Ko won the Australian Open by two strokes in 2015.