Play it again, says Westwood

The condition of the greens at Chambers Bay has come in for heavy criticism, but Westwood’s biggest problem with the venue – which only opened in 2007 – was the lack of vantage points for spectators on several holes.

“It’s the kind of course I would like to come and play with my mates, with a cart and a few beers,” Westwood said after completing his 16th US Open with a final round of 70 to finish nine over par.

“There are certain aspects to it that I don’t think are right for a US Open, but I am thinking more from a fans point of view.

“It’s been a strange atmosphere out there because they can’t seem to get close to the action and on some holes there aren’t any.

“I watched Phil Mickelson tee off on the first today and people watching are not going to see him again till his second shot on the second hole.

“From a fan’s point of view it would have been an even harder walk than the players. It’s actually quite dangerous for them. I would be interested to see how active the first aid tents have been this week. It’s treacherous out there.

“The greens being in poor condition is obviously disappointing. It’s the US Open, you want it in pristine condition but sometimes these things are out of your control.

“If all the greens were like seven and 13 (which were changed most recently) I don’t think there would be any issues at all from a player’s point of view.”