From hovercraft to jetpack for Bubba

Conventional golf carts just don’t cut it for Bubba Watson anymore. The world number six and Oakley have teamed up to make getting around the course a little more exciting.

The two-time Masters winner is no stranger to revolutionary methods of transport on the golf course, after all, this is the man who masterminded ‘Bubba’s Hover’…

Most people would be content with that fantastic piece of machinery, but Watson is not easily satisfied. And so, the American teamed up with Oakley once more to take golf transport to the next level: a jetpack. Yes, they built a jetpack.

We don’t need any convincing that this is one of the best ideas sport has seen in some time, but here is Bubba with a few promotional words anyway:

“You’re riding by yourself. You don’t have to ride with that annoying golfer that tells you all about his score.” Watson says in the video. “You just watched it. You don’t need to hear about it.”

We’re not sure the jetpack is going to get approval any time soon, but a golfer can dream…