Long putter not part of Scott’s baggage

Adam Scott holds no grudges against the man who banned the use of anchored putters, in fact, he even sent the retired R&A official one of his own long flat-sticks as a gift.

Peter Dawson was chief executive of golf’s rules authority, the Royal & Ancient, when they proposed a ban on the anchoring of putters against the body.

The rule officially took effect on the first January in 2016, however Scott made the switch to a shorter putter in October of 2015.

Speaking on Thursday at the US PGA Tour’s Honda Classic in Florida, Scott made it quite clear that there was no bad blood between himself and Dawson.

“I actually sent one to Peter Dawson for his retirement,” the Australian said smiling.

“He said he greatly appreciated the gesture.

“He said he’d put it with all the other obsolete clubs.”

Just in case

However, one cannot help but feel that if the 2013 Masters Champion’s transition to the shorter putter was not as smooth as it has been, Dawson might well have found a gift of an entirely different nature outside his door.

In 2013, the year Scott won his only major using the broom-stick putter, his ‘one putt percentage’ was 35.83 per cent. Thus far in 2016, his ‘one putt percentage’ is 40.28 per cent.

In 2013, Scott three-putted 2.59 per cent of the time. Thus far in 2016, he has only three-putted 2.42 per cent of the time.

In 2013, Scott was successful in draining putts from 6 feet out 67.39 per cent of the time. Thus far in 2016, he has hooped putts from the same distance an impressive 87.50 per cent of the time.

Arguably, of most significance, is that in 2013 Scott’s ‘birdie or better conversion percentage’ on greens was only 29.21 per cent. Thus far in 2016, he is way up on that at a staggering 37.50 per cent.

Just in case

While the 35-year-old Australian might not admit it, deep down he might be wandering how different things could be if the rule change came earlier!