McIlroy pokes fun at Woods

Rory McIlroy was pleased to hear that Tiger Woods’ recovery from back surgery is going well, but not before poking fun at the 14-time major winner’s skinny legs.

Earlier this week, Woods refuted rumours of a reported set-back in his recovery by posting a video of him swinging a club in a simulator.

Woods’ 13-second clip – captioned ‘progressing nicely’ – has been retweeted more than 12,000 times, one of which coming from McIlroy.

McIlroy and Woods are good friends away from the golf course and the Ulsterman clearly didn’t have any malicious intent with his comment. A couple of hours after his tweet, McIlroy felt obliged to clarify his stance.

At last year’s Turkish Airlines Open. McIlroy said he dreads thinking of the possibility that Woods won’t compete at the highest level again.

“I think any time you touch your back, it’s tough,” McIlroy said.

“He obviously needed it. But it looks like it’s a long road to recovery for him.

“I just hope he gets better – not just to play golf, but just for everyday life, being able to do everyday things.

“I guess that’s his third back surgery in a year and a half. Like someone once said, the best way to avoid your fifth back surgery is to avoid the first one.

“He has that mindset that he can overcome things and he’s overcome things before. So I wouldn’t put it past him. But as I said, I think it’s a long road ahead.”