#throwbackthursdays: Red Bull drivers react to… Singapore music

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FOX Sports Asia invites Red Bull Racing F1 drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen to take part in our Singapore music challenge. 

Having conquered Singlish, hawker food and durians in their past trips to Southeast Asian city-state, Formula 1 (F1) drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen can count themselves as honorary Singaporeans.

But how much does the Red Bull Racing pair know about the local music scene? Do they know their Charlie Lim from say, Wormrot?

Hence, we come up with our very own FOX Sports Asia’s Singapore music challenge and invite the duo to take part…


The Premise:

Three Singaporean songs, two drivers, but only one winner – Singapore music.

Coming into our challenge, the duo professes that they know next to nothing about Singaporean music.

All-around music connoisseur Ricciardo listens to music across the different genres (country, hip hop, heavy metal and etc). The 29-year-old Aussie counts Australian heavy metal band Parkway Drive as one of his favourite bands of ALL time and has been overheard singing along in the shower by teammate Verstappen.

On the other hand, his teammate Verstappen is noticeably more selective when it comes to music.

The Michael Jackson fan confesses a soft side for 80s’ music – as a result of repeated listening while on the road with his dad during his go-karting days. Despite being too young to even remember the movie Titanic, the Dutchman is a huge fan of the theme song singer Celine Dion; earning a lighthearted ribbing from teammate Ricciardo, “His heart will always go on.”

Red Bull F1 drivers reveal their musical taste…


Songs Selection:

We Are Singapore (1987) by Hugh Harrison

One of the Singapore’s favourite modern patriotic songs, We Are Singapore is a classic track which was written as the theme song for the nation’s 1987 National Day Parade (NDP). Ask anyone off the streets and chances are they will know the song written by Hugh Harrison and commissioned by the government.

We Are Singapore (2018) featuring Charlie Lim, Vanessa Fernandez (Vandetta), Aisyah Aziz, Shak’thiya Subramaniamm, Kevin Lester (The Lion City Boy) and Joanna Dong

We Are Singapore (2018) is a modern take on the 1987 original reimagined by the who’s who of Singapore music. Created for the 2018 NDP, it features singer-songwriter Charlie Lim, soul and R&B queen Vandetta and rapper The Lion City Boy just to name a few.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind (2016) by Wormrot

Off their 2016 album Voices, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind is one of our favourite tracks from the country’s first grindcore band Wormrot. Listed as one of the top 10 grindcore bands by OC Weekly, the three-piece band is the first Singaporean act to play the world-renowned Glastonbury Festival in 2017.


Yo DJ, spin that music…

We Are Singapore (1987) by Hugh Harrison

Daniel Ricciardo: Likening it to the 1987 Australian pop song I Am Australian, Ricciardo reckons that it is a song that one might hear or learn in school choir.

Max Verstappen: The 20-year-old Dutchman also picks up on the patriotic overtones of the music and brands it as one of those “proud nation songs”.

Key Moment: 

Ricciardo: It’s (the song) gonna make your iPod this song?

Verstappen: I think I run out of space on my iPod. It is full.


We Are Singapore (2018) featuring Charlie Lim, Vanessa Fernandez (Vandetta), Aisyah Aziz, Shak’thiya Subramaniamm, Kevin Lester (The Lion City Boy) and Joanna Dong

Ricciardo: “Very slooow” is the Aussie speedster’s succinct assessment of this up-to-date cover. Utilising music as a mood setter, Ricciardo feels that the song is “too slow to get any feels” – a point which is back by buddy Verstappen.

The Red Bull driver goes on to elaborate the musical style of the NDP 2018 theme song as something “very very very poppy” which can be found on reality singing competition programmes like American Idol.

Verstappen: “I don’t know, I never listen to songs about my country.”

Key Moment: 

If there are any doubts that racing is in Max Verstappen’s blood, then they will be put to bed. The young driver even use a racing analogy to explain how the song can be improved! #racingislife


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind (2016) by Wormrot

Ricciardo: Like a kid who has been let loose in the candy store, Ricciardo’s eyes widen as he states, “I like this stuff – I grew up listening to a lot of hardcore.” The Australian also says that he hears some similarities between Wormrot and favourite band Parkway Drive.

Verstappen: Despite classifying the grindcore song as “one of my worst nightmares”, Verstappen actually seems amused by it at the beginning. You can see the Red Bull driver in musical agony, but at least the Dutchman is game enough to sit through it.

Key Moment: 

The sight of Ricciardo spontaneously breaking out into air drumming = PRICELESS


And here is one more for good measure…




So which Singaporean song will the Red Bull Racing duo pick as their favourite?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind (2016) by Wormrot

By unanimous decision, both Ricciardo and Verstappen reply without a moment’s hesitation, WORMROT! Even the musically-conservative Verstappen agrees, “If you have to go crazy, then Wormrot!”



(Second) Challenge accepted: Attack of the Killer Chilli Crabs

This year, the pair of F1 drivers were put through the paces once again on and off the Marina Bay Street Circuit with a chilli crab dish challenge by the Red Bull team. With a hammer in hand, Ricciardo and Verstappen were tasked to see who could extract the most meat from the beloved local stir-fried mud crab dish.

Verstappen, who is NOT a seafood fan, was so visibly distraught that the chef of the dish had to step in to help the gagging Dutchman who did not even want to touch his crustacean. Ricciardo, on the other hand, was a real trooper as the Aussie went on a rampage on the crab – smashing it to smithereens.

Unsurprisingly, 29-year-old Ricciardo walked away the winner but if you ask us, the real winner was the chilli crab! #lols