Five reasons why Ricciardo and Ferrari are a perfect match

Giang Nguyen Giang Nguyen

With Daniel Ricciardo now unsure about his future, there are many options for him to take the next step. Here are five reasons why Ferrari would be a perfect choice for the Australian driver.

1. Kimi is going to leave

It is believed that Kimi Raikkonen is going to say goodbye the Maranello based team. The Finn’s future with them is still in doubt and he hasn’t renewed the contract yet.

Since returning to Ferrari in 2014, Raikkonen has no longer kept up with the likes of Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel. While the 38-year-old has done very well in this season so far, he hasn’t made a huge impact at Ferrari if truth be told. Thus he was considered as the second driver so they could focus on Sebastian Vettel’s development.

On the other hand, Ricciardo recently opened up about his future, saying he is yet to commit to a decision. “If I can get a good deal with the right team, if that is Red Bull or someone else, then I feel it’s worth waiting,” said the 28-year-old. It means ten teams in Formula 1 are able to have his signature at the moment, if he’s interested and they have an available seat, of course. Besides, it has been reported that the Prancing Horse team considered Ricciardo as a potential replacement for Iceman. And with one of the strongest cars on the grid, Ferrari could possibly win the race for the Australian’s signature.

2. Australian style with Italian car

Aggressive but not rushing, a risk-taker but always deeply concentrating, many believe Ricciardo is both stable and unpredictable. The fact is the Red Bull Racing driver has an ability to overcome tough situations. Last year in Baku, Ricciardo battled back from 17th to claim a surprise win. And starting from 16th, he made it to fourth ahead of Kimi Raikkonen in the last Italian GP. In Shanghai this season, Ricciardo flew from sixth to claim his sixth victory in magnificent fashion. And those are just few examples of the stunning performances he’s delivered through the years.

Ferrari needs this. Despite having a powerful car with the so-called best chassis compared to others, they don’t seem to be able to match Mercedes or Red Bull in terms of big performances. Last year, they failed to bounce back when in trouble and it cost them the title. Daniel Ricciardo can drive them to victories. He could be a revelation.

3. Ricciardo is hungry

Daniel Ricciardo

There is no doubt about Daniel Ricciardo’s hunger for his first F1 title. The 28-year-old once said: “I look at Seb or Lewis and think: ‘If only I had your car.’ I acknowledge they are at the top of their game but I feel I could be there as well.”

Being one of the most notable drivers on the grid, the Aussie needs a crown to take his name to the next level. He couldn’t achieve this target with Red Bull, however. After spending four years with the Austrian team, he has just six wins to show for it, with third being his highest standing at the end of a season.

Ferrari could take him to the next level. While Mercedes still maintains dominating momentum in V6 hybrid era, Ferrari is starting to hunt them down on the track. With many improvements from last year, the Italian team can push his pace to the apex while his vision on the track can provide them with favorable results.

4. A paddock of peace

Unlike Mercedes, who always have high tension inside the paddock, Scuderia Ferrari knows how to manage their drivers. You would rarely hear their drivers complain about each other or the team whenever there were problems. Instead, they speak carefully or at least keep their mouth shut in order to cool down the garage when it has already heated up.

Red Bull created a similar atmosphere among their drivers. They showed the fellowship in their paddock through videos and images in social media – though that could change after the clash in Baku two weeks ago. While they’ve avoided talk about the crash, it is safe to say Max Verstappen is now a thorn in Ricciardo’s side. He needs a more calming teammate to achieve his goal. And he could work well with Sebastian Vettel as he has admitted he has no problem with the German.

5. Ricciardo can change Ferrari’s image

Daniel Ricciardo makes highlights not only on the track but also off it. The “Honey Badger” typically appears with his cheerful smile and funny character, which earn him affection around the world.

How about Ferrari? The Italian team doesn’t seem to embrace the lighter side of life to get more supporters, especially amongst the youth. Ricciardo could bring his shoeys and antics to the Italian outfit, and increase their popularity in the modern age.