Hamilton: Abu Dhabi ‘doesn’t suit’ F1 cars

Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit

The Yas Marina circuit may be a “great track” but Lewis Hamilton says it “doesn’t suit” Formula 1 cars after failing to overtake Valtteri Bottas on Sunday.

Hamilton spent much of the grand prix chasing his team-mate around the 21-corner Yas Marina circuit.

Every time he would close up to within a second of Bottas’ rear wing, he would then lose ground as he was unable to follow too close or attack.

Hamilton finished the Abu Dhabi GP in second place with Bottas taking the season’s final win.

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“You do get a bit of a tow down the straights but once you get to the last sector…” said the Briton.

“It’s a great, great track but unfortunately it doesn’t suit the cars very well. In the last sector you just can’t follow.

“It’s one of the worst tracks in the sense that you need 1.4s advantage to pass the car in front.

“And we’ve got the same car, we’ve a couple of tenths between us so I was never going to overtake unless he made a big mistake and went off, which he didn’t.

“And even then they have massive run-off areas and you can still keep it on.”

There is hope on the horizon for the drivers, however, as Abu Dhabi track designer Hermann Tilke has said discussions are under way to make a change to the circuit which could help with overtaking and improve the race as a spectacle.

“We have an idea to change one corner,” Tilke told Sky F1.

“It’s a very small change but maybe it has a lot of impact for overtaking.

“We are in discussion.”

Hamilton said it’s a shame that the track in Abu Dhabi can’t match the rest of the racing weekend.

“It’s such a beautiful place here in Abu Dhabi, everyone has such an amazing time,” he said.

“If there’s any way we can improve this track to enable us to have these battles… you’ve got these long straights where you can’t even get close enough to utilise them.

“If there’s some way where we can enable us to be able to remain closer in that third sector, I think this will go up in the rankings of a great circuit.

“I don’t know if they can do it but I know there’s money to do it but I just hope… I have hope for Abu Dhabi to get better.”

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