Brawn: Do we need Friday running?

Formula 1 could say farewell to Friday practices in favour of more grands prix; that's according to Ross Brawn.

Installed as Formula 1's sporting boss by Liberty Media, Brawn is looking at various ways of making the sport more appealing to teams.

One issue that many teams face is money and the ever-increasing cost of competing in F1.

Liberty Media could try reducing that by cancelling Friday practices, which would also give them some leeway to add more races.

"The teams have logistical issues the more races we add," Brawn told Forbes.

"One of the things we are doing is looking at the format of a race weekend to see if we need to change that to make it logistically easier for them to do more races.

"So we have got a very open mind about how we go forward.

"I think the core race is still, for me personally, very important. 

"We are not looking at changing the core event, but the open question, do we need Friday running? 

"Because if we didn't have Friday running, we could do more races because logistically it is better for the teams. 

"But Friday running is important for the promoters and the broadcasters. How do we find the right solution?"

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