Italian Grand Prix: Qualifying as it happened

Adriaan Slabbert Adriaan Slabbert

Follow all the action from Qualifying at the Italian Grand Prix live right here.

23:45 It’s been a difficult, frustrating day, but sometimes, that’s Formula 1!  We’ll be back tomorrow at 20:00 to talk you through the race, until then, take it easy!

23:40 It’s all over! Number 69 for Number 44!  Lewis Hamilton is now the sole holder of the record for most pole positions in Formula 1! Verstappen and Ricciardo are P2 and P3, but penalties mean that it will be Lance Stroll and Esteban Ocon who will line up in those positions! Championship leader languishes in P8, but will move up due to the Red Bull penalties.


23:32 Ricciardo now leads from Hamilton and Verstappen, five minutes to go.

23:28 The rain has returned, and full wets are the order of the day!

23:25 It’s showtime, here’s Q3! Out come the top ten!

23:20 That’s it for Q2! We’ll have two Mercedes, two Red Bulls, two Ferraris, two Williams’ and the McLaren and Force India of Stoffel Vandoorne and Esteban Ocon, respectively, in Q3.   We lose the following:

23:15 Into the final moments of Q2 now, we have both Force India’s, both Toro Rossos and Fernando Alonso in trouble…

23:11 Vettel now leads from the Mercedes pair.  It’s still treacherous out there…

23:06 Verstappen leads the way on a 1.37.3, with Hamilton 0.377 seconds slower.  The Mercedes man isn’t happy with his Inters though.  More times are coming in, as Vettel takes over at the top.

23:01 Right, it’s time for Q2, let’s get to it!  All the Ferrari and Mercedes drivers are on Inters, but Verstappen is using Full Wets on his Red Bull.  Off they go!

22:56 And that’s it for Q1 (finally)! It’s been a really frustrating day so far, and we’ve lost our first five drivers.

22:51 Sebastian Vettel has taken on Intermediates, and is joined in his experiment by Alonso and Ricciardo. Expect all the drivers to change soon.

22:46 The first times are in, Hamilton leads the way by a second from Bottas, with Vettel in P3.

22:41 And here they come, Verstappen is first out.

22:38 The session is about to restart!

22:00 The delay continues.

21:45 A further update will arrive at 22:00.

21:30 Delay until 21:45.

21:15 You guessed it, 15 more minutes of delay.

21:02 Another delay, 21:15 is the next update time.

20:56 The Safety Car has headed out again.

20:50 More information will be issued at 15:00.  The crowd are making their unhappiness known, the rain has stopped and the track is in the best condition its been all day.  We should be careful not to romanticize they sport’s history to the point of exaggeration, but you have to feel that names like Clark, Senna and Schumacher would have been out there strutting their wet-weather-mastery by now.

20:41 More information is expected at 20:45.

20:37 Since we have spare time on our hands, here’s the Qualifying record for a certain Scarlet Finn.  He’s generally been able to stick it on the first two rows of the grid, and he earned a fantastic pole position in Monaco, but given how close it is between Ferrari and Mercedes, he really needs more Top 3 or even front row starts to score serious points.


20:30 The Safety Car has done another lap, the circuit is still wet, but does look a bit better.  Regardless, the restart has been delayed by another 15 minutes.  The fans are still providing some fantastic support, as one would expect at Monza.

20:23 In the meantime, here’s a picture of some of the damage to Grosjean’s Haas.

20:17 The resumption of the session is further delayed.  We will have another update at 20:30.

20:14 Grosjean made no secret of his thoughts after his accident.  Meanwhile, the Safety Car is out for an inspection.

20:10 Here’s a picture of the stricken Haas.  Replays show that Grosjean deviated from the “dry line” on the pit straight, and when he put his foot down on the water, the tyres lost grip.  A costly error from the Frenchman!

20:07 A big accident on the pit straight!  Romain Grosjean spins around and goes hurling into the barriers!  The Frenchman was complaining about poor visibility moments earlier, and now his day is done.  There are 13:31 minutes left in the session, with Hamilton currently fastest from Vettel.

20:02 Right, we all know the drill, 18-minutes of Q1: GO!  There’s quite a queue at the end of the pit lane, and out they come! No shortage of rain, that’s for sure.


19:57 And here, right on time, is the weather. Not much wind, but not much warmth, either.

19:52 As the start of Q1 nears, here are a few fast facts about the Temple of Speed.  Not much time on the brakes around here, but several of the breaking zones are quite heavy, and it’s really important to get things right.  A poor braking and cornering phase into the Turn 1/2 section, for example, leaves you bleeding away time time all the way through Curve Grande.  Similar situation through the two Lesmos and the Ascari Chicane; critical to get the car positioned so that it’s ready to receive maximum power input as soon as possible, given how long the flat-out sections are that follow.

19:45 15 minutes to go.  Today could be important…

19:40  Conditions are still wet, which will complicate matters for the big teams.  Lewis Hamilton has proved to be masterful around Monza; can he add to an already impressive tally of five Italian poles?

19:35 Felipe Massa topped a session that only saw seven drivers set a time, with the wet track surface making it impossible for any cars to run until the final 15-odd minutes of proceedings.

19:30 Hello again, welcome back to FOX Sports Asia’s coverage of Qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix!  We’re 30 minutes away from the start, so sit tight.

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