What next for record-breaking Verstappen?

We take a look at all the records Max Verstappen broke with his thrilling win at the Spanish GP, plus some others he could have his eye on.

Every Formula 1 fan worth their weight in salt will know by now that the Dutchman became the youngest-ever race winner. Verstappen shattered Sebastian Vettel’s record by over three years on Sunday, but this is not the first time his youth and winning smile have made the headlines.

At the 2015 Australian Grand Prix, Verstappen made history as the youngest driver to start a race at the age of 17 years. It was a remarkably swift journey, given that just 24 months earlier he was racing a cart with 42 horsepower.

The race in Melbourne ended in a retirement, but more fame was just around the corner as at his very next outing in Malaysia the then-Toro Rosso driver became the youngest driver to score a Drivers’ Championship point, crossing the line in seventh.

Verstappen would finish the 2015 season in a respectable 12th place, but, as seems to be the case with the Belgian-born driver who races under the Dutch flag, more glory was around the corner.

In just his 24th start in the world most expensive game of bumper cars, Verstappen would stand proud on the top of the podium, making history as the youngest to ever set foot there.


With the old adage ‘good things come to those who wait’ not really applying to the Red Bull driver, what could possibly be next?

Given Verstappen’s tender age, a number of records are potentially under threat. We’d hate to jinx him, as almost everyone loves watching records fall, but we are going to list some anyway…

Vettel currently has the youngest polesitter record – set at the 2008 Italian Grand Prix – but Verstappen has nearly two and half years of racing to have a crack at that, which is around 50 races.

He has slightly less time to break 2016 Championship-leader Nico Rosberg’s mark as the youngest driver to set a fastest lap record. The German was just short of 21 when he was the quickest at the 2006 Bahrain GP in his Williams-Cosworth.

Moving on, Vettel remains the benchmark. The Ferrari driver is the youngest to win the Drivers’ Championship, which he first did at 23, the age when the average man on the street is still figuring out what to do with their life.

Vettel’s three consecutive Championships that followed set a plethora of records, some that seem unbreakable. Like, for example, his nine wins on the trot in 2013.

However, if Verstappen’s swashbuckling start to his career is anything to go by, with skill, fate and time on his side, anything is possible.

Doug Mattushek