Red Bull’s F1 fuel supplier ExxonMobil debuts new chemicals at Japanese Grand Prix

The Formula One (F1) Japanese Grand Prix saw Alex Albon keep the Red Bull Racing flag flying high with a fourth placed finish, and he may have done so with the help of some new chemicals introduced by ExxonMobil.

Red Bull partnered with ExxonMobil back in early 2017 with a fuels and lubricants partnership, and the new Honda engine introduced in the Austrian team this season saw a major boost with new chemicals added to improve the performance of the car at Suzuka.

The Spec 4 engine of the Honda-powered car was given the benefit of some fresh new molecular science with a perfect blend of fuel, courtesy of ExxonMobil.

ExxonMobil introduce new chemicals to boost Red Bull’s fuel at Japanese GP

“The FIA standard is pretty restrictive,” ExxonMobil global motorsport technology manager David Tsurusaki said.

“It has to be chemicals that have been used and available in a consumer fuel in the past, so in a sense it is not brand new technology.

“But it is something that we have not used in a Formula 1 fuel, and I don’t know if anyone else has done it.

“There are two or three key adjustments we have made that give us the performance enhancement we are looking for.”

Tsurusaki also went on to highlight that this was “one of the biggest steps” the company made since partnering with Red Bull in F1.