Lewis Hamilton gives his verdict on F1 Qualifying, Race on same day at Japanese GP

It is almost time for a super Sunday at Suzuka as the F1 Japanese Grand Prix will witness both qualifying as well as the main race taking place on Sunday following a typhoon wrecking the originally planned qualifying on Saturday.

While some drivers may be a bit put off by the sudden change in plans, Lewis Hamilton is very much up for the challenge, and is definitely looking forward to it.

“I’m definitely down for that,” Hamilton said, per Sky Sports.

“It’s cool when it’s a different format in some ways.

“It’s a different mentality you enter into, and there are two different mindsets, two different rhythms.

“Normally you have time after qualifying to then calm down and chill and then ramp it up to the next day. But if you have to do it on the same day, it’s a different challenge and I like that.”

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There is reason for the Brit to be pleased anyway, considering he holds a whopping 73-point advantage at the top of the tree in F1 at the moment, and could extend that World Championship lead with another win in the land of the rising sun.

A dry and sunny Sunday is expected per weather reports, so hopefully we can see an uninterrupted bit of racing tomorrow.