Ricciardo backs Red Bull to catch up

Daniel Ricciardo has backed Red Bull to catch up to the dominant Mercedes car in the upcoming 2015 racing season.

Mercedes, who won the drivers and constructors championships last year, benefited from rules changes to engines in 2014, but Ricciardo believes that other teams have caught up in the off season.

Ricciardo said: "I've got faith we can close the gap.

"Looking back at Melbourne, we missed all the testing and we got second [before being disqualified] – or at least we were up the front.

"Obviously Mercedes continued to get stronger, which is not what we were hoping.

"I would like to think that now that they have caressed that pinnacle and we feel we have a lot more to gain.

"With a strong winter, which is pretty much inevitable, we should definitely close the gap. I have faith that we can do something to close it.