‘Toro Rosso-Honda deal creates options for Red Bull’

With Toro Rosso believed to be switching to Honda power for next season, Christian Horner says that will “provide an option” for senior team Red Bull in the years to come.

McLaren are expected to sign with Renault for next season with Toro Rosso taking their place with Honda.

Red Bull’s junior team has been in talks with the Japanese manufacturer for the past few weeks but that deal largely rests with McLaren and whether they can agree a split with Honda, and terms with Renault.

“It’s not our business but at the end of the day, certain things have to fall into place,” Horner recently told Sky Sports.

“There’s obviously discussion around what are McLaren doing with Honda, does that open up other avenues for Toro Rosso for instance?

“Until McLaren and Honda sort out their business, nothing else will happen.”

The team boss, though, did concede that Toro Rosso switching to Honda power would create an “option” for Red Bull down the line.

At present Red Bull use Renault engines, however, aren’t entirely satisfied with the product they receive.

“For us, that scenario could be quite interesting as it would provide an option,” he said.

“At the moment we don’t have any options. In this business you always want to have a few options available to you.”

Horner, though, added that time is running out for both McLaren and Toro Rosso to swap engine suppliers as it affects the design of next year’s cars.

“It doesn’t directly affect us. It’s much more of a Toro Rosso issue as they’ll have to design a car and a gearbox around that power unit if they decide to go down that route for next year.

“It’s getting pretty late in the day now, so that’s why we’re very much at a cut-off. I think that applies to McLaren as well if they were to change.

“So it’s a little bit like musical chairs, just waiting for the music to stop.”

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