Belgium as 2018 World Cup Champions? Wikipedia says so

In a Wikipedia article listing Belgium’s historical performances in the FIFA World Cup, it is already stated that the Red Devils already won the 2018 edition.

Every once in a while, Wikipedia articles get updated with non-facts and other false information. Now with the FIFA World Cup already reaching its business-end, such occurrence happened with Belgium’s “Golden Generation” already considered as 2018 world champions in one of the articles pertaining to the Red Devils.

Below is the actual screen-capture of the vandalism:

Belgium World Cup performance article

Belgium this 2018 have been considered as dark horses and slight outside favourites to win the World Cup trophy with the immense talent and loaded lineup that the team is gifted with.

The likes of Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard, Marouane Fellaini, and Kevin De Bruyne being the marquee names in the team, to name a few, are star players in their respective clubs.

Such level of star-power comes once every generation at most and it is not a very long shot that they can win this tournament.

Although they were given a scare against Japan in the Round of 16, the fact that the Red Devils were able to overcome a two-goal deficit to snatch a 3-2 win shows character and could only boost them and make them stronger heading into the quarterfinals.

But they are about o face their biggest challenge yet in their footballing history as they face the most decorated squad in the history of the World Cup, Brazil.

But if the Belgians can surpass this monumental task in front of them, for sure they will be touted as the clear favourites to win the cup. And if that happens, then whoever posted this information can be considered a modern-age sage and an oracle.

It’s time to find out if this brave prediction is going to come into fruition.

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