Andersson: Penalty was crystal clear

Sweden coach Janne Andersson is unsure as to why VAR was needed in the awarding of their penalty in the 1-0 win over South Korea on Monday.

Kim Min-woo was penalised for his foul on Viktor Claesson and Swedish captain Andreas Granqvist cooly converted the resultant spot-kick.

But it needed the Video Assistant Referee to call back play after referee Joel Aguilar allowed play to go on.

Speaking in his post-match press conference, Andersson said: “I do question a little bit the VAR in this case – it wasn’t even needed, it was crystal clear.

“From the position the referee had, he could have blown for the penalty straight away. The wait was unnecessary. But, if for some reason he missed it, it was excellent he was able to use the VAR.”

He added: “Germany’s defeat did possibly make it more important to win. I was just focused on this game and wanted to win it but, looking ahead, the opportunities for us now are so much greater after winning.”

Korea coach Shin Tae-yong, meanwhile, said that his side struggled against an imposing Sweden side.

“Among the 32 teams at this World Cup, I think Sweden is one of the tallest. They are going to be very threatening because of their height. They are able to take advantage of this and their physical condition.

“We were worried about the height of the players and I think we became a little bit too subdued. That is probably why the Sweden goalkeeper was so under-employed.

“We really wanted to win this match. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t win but now our attitude is that we have to prepare ourselves very well for the match against Mexico.”