Alexander-Arnold: It was an unbelievable moment

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold says he was caught-off guard when Jurgen Klopp broke the news of his inclusion in the England World Cup squad.

The 19-year old was named in the 23-man Three Lions’ squad by manager Gareth Southgate on Wednesday.

Alexander-Arnold, who is still uncapped, revealed that his club manager was the one who broke the news of his selection by England.

The defender is in camp with the Reds as they prepare for the upcoming Champions League final with Real Madrid.

Alexander-Arnold told Liverpool’s official website: “I’m honoured, excited and feeling really proud.

“It was an unbelievable moment to find out I was going to go to the World Cup, especially at a young age. It’s probably capped off a really good season for me.

“I found out this morning, just before we came out to Marbella. The manager came and spoke to me just as we were getting on the plane.

“He asked me if I knew anything about the squad or anything yet. I said, ‘no’ and he said, ‘Have you got anything planned around the time of the World Cup?’. I was like, ‘No, no holidays or anything.

“He said to me, ‘OK, good… You’re in the squad!’. It was a really proud moment. On England’s behalf, it was nice of them to let the manager tell me.”