Morata fears missing World Cup after mixed season

Alvaro Morata fears missing the World Cup after a mixed season in the Premier League with Chelsea.

The 25-year-old Spanish international started well enough with six goals in his first six Premier League matches.

But a combination of injury and a subsequent loss of confidence led to a total of 11 league goals from 15 played.

With an impressive record of 13 goals in 23 games for Spain, the former Real Madrid man’s record speaks for itself, however, he was left out of recent friendlies with Germany and Argentina.

In total this season, the forward scored 15 times from 45 matches, with six assists.

Speaking to Marca, the striker said: “I would love to go to Russia. It’d be really tough not to go, but that is a possibility.

“The joy if you’re on the list can be great, but there’s a need to realise that the year hasn’t been the best and there’s a chance of staying at home.

“I know my season hasn’t been good. If I’d scored 30 goals then I’d say I’m sure of being on the list. Now I have to prepare for any outcome, but I’ll fight to go until the last minute.”

He added: “I’ve earned quite a few points and that’s my job.

“I also know that I could have been better because I have also missed a lot of clear chances. I know I’ve not been myself.

“The head fails when you’re not well and when you’re not balanced mentally. I look back and I see the missed chances and I cannot believe it. I ask myself how I’ve missed that.

“One centimetre or two is what makes the difference between being ruined or succeeding.”