Hart: Kane deserves ‘world-class’ tag

Harry Kane England

England goalkeeper Joe Hart insists that Harry Kane is in the kind of form that merits being called a world-class striker.

The Tottenham striker scored 13 goals for club and country in September, and Hart believes that the Premier League’s top scorer from the past two seasons deserves to be considered among the best.

"Right now, Harry is hot," Hart said. "He is scoring just as many goals as the people we have related to as world class, and he has been doing it for many seasons.

"Harry gets put in that bracket and deserves to be. I see it in Harry. I see how he behaves. Mauricio Pochettino, one of the hottest managers in the world, regards him highly and there are reasons for that.

"Harry will keep being Harry, and he will keep scoring goals. As long as he is in my team, wearing an England badge, I want that to continue.

"You just know he is a good player. You know you will get a hard shot with Harry. If you give him half an inch he will get a strike on goal and make you work.

"There is no real secret to him and that is the brilliance of Harry. It is not dazzling skills,  Harry is just brilliant at what he does and he is just one of the best out there.He keeps scoring goals and you cannot ask for any more than that. Long may it continue in an England shirt."

Kane is likely to lead the line for England when they face Slovenia in their penultimate World Cup qualifier at Wembley on Thursday.