Chelsea boss Frank Lampard reveals his toughest opponent, snubs Cristiano Ronaldo

Chelsea take on Liverpool in the UEFA Super Cup, and it is the first real chance for Frank Lampard to win some silverware as the manager of the Blues.

Lampard is a Chelsea legend, and has come across some true footballing greats during his playing days, but one man sticks out as the most incredible for the former England International.

‘Chelsea have to learn harsh lessons’ – Lampard

“Can I give you two answers? It’ll actually be three,” he told UEFA’s official website.

“The first one is Messi because he was the most incredible player – it was like you were playing against someone who’s not on the same level as all of us.

“The two players I always remember having the hardest time against were Xavi and [Andres] Iniesta at Barcelona. They just played football around you, and you didn’t get near them.

“It was football that wasn’t normal to me; it was different from anything else I came up against.”

The former midfielder then discussed what he wants from his Chelsea side.

“What I certainly want to be is a team that are quite fluid and adaptable in the way that we play,” Lampard remarked.

“I don’t want to be stuck into one idea, one vision, one plan – I want the players to be adaptable, so that as we move forward, we can evolve.”