Arsene Wenger reveals whether he would manage Manchester United

Ex-Arsenal star reveals what went wrong for Arsene Wenger in his final season

Manchester United are facing a tough ask trying to get their team back to the glory days, and Arsene Wenger had some interesting insight to offer about the situation at Old Trafford.

Wenger himself left Arsenal after failing to secure the Premier League trophy in years, but believes Manchester United can challenge for everything only when they sign around four more players, and perhaps with him at the helm.

“Manchester United is a dream job for any manager. At least, any manager with courage and confidence. Yes, they need – in my opinion – 4 first team players. But around those players, I see a squad that is capable of challenging. They aren’t as far away as people think,” Wenger said as a pundit on beIN Sports.

“The team have no pattern of play, no pattern of pressing. There is a team there, but it needs to be coached and developed. Like I said, 4 players and they can be challengers. For everything.”

On possibly being the manager of United, Wenger seemed to hint he wants the job.

“Like I said, Manchester United is a dream job. For any coach. I have confidence, I have courage…and you’re right, I have ideas.”