Reports: Neymar’s Barcelona move in doubt after new revelations

Reports: Neymar's Barcelona move in doubt after new revelations

New details have emerged on Neymar’s situation at Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and it is now being revealed that his career as such is in jeopardy after doctors in Brazil failed to treat his injury properly. The news also brings the Brazilian’s proposed Barcelona move to a screeching halt, according to reports.

It is AS that reports that doctors have warned that Neymar’s ankle injury could be worse than feared and that there is a possibility of further time out if he continues to “play games at the highest level.”

According to the Spanish news agency, Barcelona’s representatives discussed the Brazilian’s metatarsal injury with a few specialists, who in turn told them that the PSG star may have pseudoarthrosis in the affected toe – which means that the wound has not healed properly and a bone graft may be the only option to fully cure the issue.

Meanwhile, PSG’s doctors themselves reportedly told Le Parisien that Neymar’s toe is still not healed and that they suspect the treatment he has been undergoing in Brazil has not been thorough enough.

“Neymar’s injury could reoccur if he plays games at the highest level,” reports Le Parisien. “There are many doubts surrounding the treatment he received in Brazil due to the methods used not being ideal in terms of curing this type of injury,” they further added.