Reports: Alexis Sanchez set to leave Manchester United in two weeks

Manchester United's Alexis Sanchez

Manchester United fans just might be rejoicing after learning that Alexis Sanchez wants to quit the club after a turbulent spell since joining from Arsenal.

Daily Mail are reporting that the Chilean is unhappy and is ready to leave United and move to Serie A, where he starred for Udinese before moving on to big clubs such as Barcelona and Arsenal.

First-team football is far from a surety for Sanchez, who has struggled with slight injury problems suffered during the Copa America in Brazil, where he impressed for his country Chile.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer likens Alexis Sanchez to a bottle of ketchup

But with no guarantee of ever finding peace at Old Trafford, it appears that not even his exorbitant wages can keep the winger at United, with Italy looming large.

Juventus, AC Milan and Napoli are all in the hunt to sign the former Barcelona player, but would have to consider his massive wages as being a burden, despite his obvious ability when at his best.

Former United and Arsenal star Robin van Persie had commented on Sanchez looking unhappy at the Red Devils.

‘He needs to find a way to be happy again,’ Van Persie had said.

‘If you are happy, you want to create and have fun. He had that in his first couple of months from what I saw and he needs to find that again.

‘He can still play, he is still a fantastic football player. He just doesn’t really look happy. I can only guess, but from distance, he looks unhappy and he needs to find a way to be happy again.’