Reports: Why Zinedine Zidane threatens to quit his role as Real Madrid manager

Reports: Why Zinedine Zidane threatens to quit his role as Real Madrid manager

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane is reportedly furious with the club for failing to sign Paul Pogba from Manchester United this summer and as a result, he has apparently threatened the management that he will quit his role at the club.

Over the past few months, Pogba was one of Zidane’s prime transfer targets at Real Madrid, the others being Eden Hazard from Chelsea, Luka Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt and Ferland Mendy from Olympique Lyonnais.

While Madrid succeeded in signing Hazard, Jovic and Mendy, they failed to acquire the services of the Manchester United midfielder, despite Zidane stressing on his potential importance once he joins the club.

The Frenchman was interested in a big squad overhaul ahead of the 2019-20 season – and was especially keen on bolstering the midfield as he saw Pogba as the one player who could revolutionize the area.

And now, with the summer transfer window close to shutting down later this week, it is almost safe to say that Los Blancos will not be bringing the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner to Spain.

But that has created another problem, as Zidane himself wants to leave now, according to reports.

Diego Torres, a football journalist for El Pais told The Independent that the coach could quit should Real fail to land Pogba before the transfer market deadline-day.

“Not signing Pogba puts Zidane on the brink of resigning,” Torres said.

“Zidane personally promised Pogba he would bring him to Madrid, and now he is left looking bad. This has only increased the lack of confidence between Zidane and [Real Madrid President] Florentino Perez.”

“For Zidane, his project and Pogba are almost the same thing. Nothing that he was promised has really come to pass. Zidane returned as a protective shield for Florentino, but he has already fulfilled that political and social mission,” the Spanish journalist concluded.