Reports: Unsettled PSG star agrees terms to join Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus

Reports: Unsettled PSG star agrees terms to join Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) midfielder Adrien Rabiot, who was previously reported as being unsettled and unhappy with his career at the French club, has apparently agreed to join Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus for an annual salary of €7million.

The French footballer is currently on vacation with his mother in Italy, according to various sources. It has also been reported that Rabiot’s Italian visit has another agenda – participating in talks with Serie A champions Juventus to discuss the possibility of a summer move.

In a recent interview, Rabiot himself had confirmed the news. “It’s true, we [him and Juventus] are having some talks. Juventus are a big club who everyone would like to play for,” he was quoted as saying.

And now according to El Chiringuito TV on Twitter, Rabiot’s summer move has more-or-less been confirmed with the 24-year-old set to join the Bianconeris on a five-year deal. His estimated salary is around €7million per year.

Rabiot has been a free agent since June after he ran out of his current contract with PSG. The midfielder is, in fact, not in good terms with the PSG management who chose to bench him for a greater part of the season after he refused to extend his time at the club. Rabiot was also in news for celebrating in a Paris nightclub immediately after PSG’s elimination from the Champions League in March and that did not sit well with the club representatives either.

Juventus, meanwhile, has a new manager in Maurizio Sarri and are keen to make some good signings ahead of the next season. Earlier, the Bianconeris had already signed midfielder and free agent Aaron Ramsey from Premier League club Arsenal.