Reports: Manchester United secretly ready to cash in on “selfish” superstar in the summer

Although Manchester United are adamant that Paul Pogba is not for sale, football writer Mark Ogden has expressed his doubts over their public declarations.

According to the ESPN journalist, Paul Pogba is not the best fit for United and it would be wiser for United to move him on at a profit:

“The word from United, remains, has always been that Pogba is not for sale,” remarked Ogden.

“That’s kind of the public word. I think privately they’ll look at it and realise that if they can get the money back on Pogba and more, maybe 140 million pounds which, you know, is not how much he’s worth but that’s the current market, I think they’ll take it.”

Ogden was extremely critical of Pogba, labelling him selfish, he wondered out loud whether the club really wants to build a team around the flamboyant midfielder:

“You’ve got to look at what he gives to the team. Do you build the team around Paul Pogba?

“Does Ole Gunnar Soljskaer build a team around Paul Pogba?”

“Because one thing that I’ve never seen Pogba do is sacrifice himself for his teammates.

“He’s quite a selfish player, he’s not a team player and if you are building a team, you need team players”

To conclude, the football writer asserted that all public show of will aside, United are perhaps willing to do business with his suitors:

“I think Pogba at the moment is the not the right player for Man United so publicly United’ll say that he’s not for sale but I think privately business might get done.”

The midfielder has been one of United’s better players this season but if rumours are to believed he is quite keen on working under fellow Frenchman, Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid.