Barcelona attacker wants to leave the club and play alongside Brazilian superstar Neymar

Barcelona attacker Philippe Coutinho recently expressed his desire to pair up with his national teammate, Neymar Jr. – in the club level as well.

Coutinho’s latest words have understandably added fuel to all the fire surrounding his transfer speculations.

“It’s always a pleasure to play with him, it’s a crack. We played a lot of time in Brazilian youth teams, [Neymar] became a special player. Playing at his side is always a pleasure, even though I haven’t had any luck at the club level yet. It would be nice to play with him in a club,” the 26-year old said, while speaking to De Zola, as per Goal.

Coutinho however, did not rule out chances of staying back at Barcelona which had always been his dream club as per himself. He went on to say that despite being aware of the rumours that Barca are looking to sell him, he would like to focus on the present.

He added: “I’ve always been a person with respect to everyone and the truth is that this is for people to see that many times I have to cover my ears to keep the focus on the game or my work to prevent me from [being] affected,” before concluding:

“And, well, here [in Barcelona], for much of the press, I do not have this respect, as work and as I dedicate myself to matches and training.”

Barcelona will face Liverpool in the upcoming Champions League semi-finals. Earlier, a screamer from Coutinho was one of the goals that helped the Catalans defeat Manchester United, in the quarter-finals of the same tournament.