Reports: Manchester United to be the subject of a massive £3.8 billion takeover bid in the summer

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman wants to purchase Manchester United outright and pit it against Abu Dhabi owned Manchester City. 

The Sun is reporting that the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is keen to purchase Manchester United from the Glazers in the summer and is willing to table a mammoth £3.8 billion towards that end.

If the Glazers should sell the club, they will end up making an eye-watering £2.2 billion in profits after they purchased it for just £790 million 14 years ago.

The interest from Saudi has been around since October of 2018, but it was understood that the Glazers were unwilling to sell. However, the sheer numbers on offer may end up swaying their resolve.

The valuation of £3.8 billion, however, is expected to be subject to change if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer fails to qualify for the Champions League next season. In that case, the report suggests that a compromised figure could be agreed.

FOX Sports Asia probability rating: 2.5/5; This is an entirely plausible scenario as this isn’t the first time this report has emerged in the media – however, takeovers like these usually take a long time and unless this has already been in the works for a while, a change in ownership this summer looks unlikely.