Reports: Cardiff City could end up being relegated if they do not pay Emiliano Sala transfer fee to Nantes

Cardiff City run the risk of getting points docked off them if they do not honour their agreement with Nantes and pay up on Emiliano Sala’s £15 million transfer fee on time.

According to the Press Association, the English club faces the possibility of stringent sanctions should it default on the first of the three £5 million payouts to Nantes, the club that Emiliano Sala was purchased from.

Nantes have issued a demand for the payment as per the agreed upon contract but Cardiff City Chairman Mehmet Dalman brushed it off, saying that Cardiff isn’t refusing to pay but that financial matters shouldn’t be the priority on the face of the human tragedy that had unfolded.

At the time, the wreckage on the seabed off the coast of Surtainville had just been discovered and there was a process being put in place to retrieve the body that had been sighted in it.

Earlier today, the Dorset police department confirmed that the body that was recovered was indeed that of Emiliano Sala.

Sports Law expert Gianpaolo Monteneri spoke to the Mirror, saying that should Cardiff still continue to default on the payment, it may result in them being docked points.

“If certain deadlines, which are mentioned in the transfer contract, are not met then these may trigger consequences for the club in question.

“This can be from an admonishment right up to a withdrawal of league points. It is a very tricky situation as we are talking about a human tragedy and an important amount of money.

“It is a human case on one side, and on the other side for Nantes, a financial case and compensation that they are potentially not receiving.

“They have also lost a key player and for them it is a sporting effect as well that needs to be considered,” he said.

Cardiff are already in 18th position in the Premier League and will likely be further mired in a relegation battle should points be docked off them for the delay in payment.