Nainggolan future up in the air

Nainggolan has been a mainstay in Rudi Garcia’s midfield this season, making 36 appearances so far.

Cagliari and Roma co-own the 26-year-old and the pair have yet to agree a fee to release him to the latter.

Nainggolan told Gazzetta dello Sport: “Will I stay at Roma? At the moment there’s a 50 per cent chance.

“However, I’m not worried as there’s still time. Roma and Cagliari have to find an agreement.

“I’m 100 per cent focused on Roma, it’s a great club, a great team and a beautiful city to live in.”

Nainggolan was involved in a challenge with Federico Mattiello earlier this month which saw the Chievo midfielder break his leg.

“It was unjust to publish photos of the injury and say that it was my fault. That’s not true, it was a mix of circumstances,” Nainggolan added.

“Even the referee wanted send off Mattiello and not me.

“I’m sorry for what happened, I immediately sent him a message. I’d have liked to visit him too, but it’s not possible as he lives too far away.”