Cristiano Ronaldo’s son shocked after seeing where the football superstar grew up

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the greatest football players to have ever played the game. However, like most other footballers, Ronaldo comes from a humble background as well.

Born in Madeira, Portugal, the 34-year-old started from scratch and reached where he is now on the back of immense hard work and dedication. In a recent interview with TVI (as quoted by Spanish publication AS), the Juventus star took his son to his hometown of Madeira.

The footballer revealed that his son was shocked to see the room where he grew up. Ronaldo added that he wants his son to focus on hard work and that is why he took Cristiano Jr. on a tour of Madeira.

“I was so excited for him to see where I grew up He already knew Madeira and the Marques de Pombal residence. He went up with me and there were still some of the same people who had lived there at the time. I was moved, if I am honest, because I didn’t expect to see those people, and that touched me a bit,” he told TVI.

“I went with Paixao and Cristianinho and we entered the room where I had stayed. My son turned to me and said: ‘Papa. Did you live here?’ He could not believe it.

“They think everything is easy in this world. The quality of life, the houses, the cars, the clothes… They think that it all just falls into their lap. That is what I try to instill in my son, including when I do events in schools. I try to convey that these things don’t come with having talent alone. But with hard work and dedication I think you can achieve everything you want to do,” he added.