Police raid Juventus Ultras; find assault rifles, rocket launchers, and ground-to-air missile

Italian football fans are infamous for taking the sport to the extreme. The game itself comes under scrutiny in Italy due to a presence of several ‘ultras’ groups who create chaos week-in, week-out. And an investigation into the Juventus Ultras has resulted in the police getting their hands on some high-level weaponry. 

An investigation from the Italian police into the Juventus Ultras recently has resulted in the discovery of several high-level weaponry and fascist insignia. The raid was announced by the Digos section of the Turin police on July 15 which even lead to the arrest of three people.

Furthermore, an entire arsenal including automatic rifles, armour piercing bullets, rocket launchers, and even a ground-to-air missile was discovered in their possession.

“Connections were found between these Neo-Fascist and Neo-Nazi groups and ultras groups, in particular, Juventus and the Drughi Giovinezza section,” explained Digos Turin chief Carlo Ambra (via Football Italia).

“There are also connections with more traditional Juventus fan groups and other far-right militants.”

The investigation itself begun when Neo-Fascist banners belonging to the Juventus Ultras group, Drughi, were found in the Legio Subalpina centre in Turin. Furthermore, the raids were carried out all over Italy with the help of several authorities.