Liverpool fans hijack poll to make former legend ‘player of the year’

Liverpool fans hijack poll to make former legend 'player of the year'

Former Liverpool star Lucas Leiva who currently plays for Serie A side SS Lazio, won his club’s Player of the Year award for the second year in a row on Tuesday. The voting was conducted via on Twitter and it is now being reported that Liverpool fans may have hijacked the poll.

Statistics are enough to prove that the 32-year-old player hardly enjoyed a good time in Italy last season. From 36 appearances, all that Leiva could manage were four assists. However, the midfielder was a popular figure at Liverpool, where he made over 200 appearances over a span of ten years.

Leiva left Anfield at the beginning of the 2017-18 season to join the Serie A club for a fee of €7million. He had a mediocre campaign in 2017-18 but was elected by fans as the “player of the year” at the end of the season. The same event repeated once again this year, as you can see from the chain of tweets below.

It all began with the Serie A side inviting fans to vote on who should be their Player of the Year. The lineup for the first semi-final comprised of Felipe Caicedo, Lucas Leiva and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic:

The voting concluded in the following manner, with Leiva accounting for 88% of the votes:

Soon, the “culprits” who rigged the polls were revealed. It is the Liverpool fans themselves who gave everyone an indication as to what caused Leiva to win by such a huge margin:

Meanwhile, the second semi-final proceeded smoothly and Ciro Immobile was selected as the winner among himself, Francesco Acerbi and Joaquin Correa:

Immobile won the polls with 53% votes while Acerbi and Correa accounted for the remaining 47% – fair voting indeed.

Afterwards, it all came down to the finals, where Acerbi, despite losing the above poll, fought with Leiva to become “player of the year”:

Leiva walked off the winner quite easily, after a mindblowing 94% votes were cast in his favour:

Once again, we have managed to unearth tweets to reveal who Leiva should be thanking for his win:

The official announcement came out a few hours ago, declaring the former Liverpool man as the SS Lazio Player of the Year.