Reports: Rape case against Cristiano Ronaldo dropped by accuser

Cristiano Ronaldo has been embroiled in a complicated and serious case of alleged rape after he was accused by Katheryn Mayorga of the heinous offence, but the case seems to have been quietly dropped by the accuser.

This is what is being reported by Bloomberg, who report that Mayorga has decided to drop the case against Ronaldo, the reasons for which aren’t completely certain at this time.

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The report suggests that a notice of voluntary dismissal was filed in May in a Nevada State Court in Las Vegas, but the filing doesn’t exactly say that a settlement was reached with the Portuguese superstar regarding the rape case.

It had earlier been reported that Juventus had decided not to participate in the International Champions Cup tournament held in the United States because of the complexity of the matter and the possibility of Ronaldo being detained by officials and authorities in the country.

The claims of rape have been denied by Ronaldo from the very beginning, but Mayorga’s lawyers have fought hard for their client against the heavyweights they were up against.

Now, however, that fight seems to have ended, with the case being dropped by the accuser altogether, as per the report from Bloomberg.