Female referee subjected to sexist attacks by under-14 player and fans in Italy

In a disappointing incident in Italy, a female referee had to face sexist attacks from an under 14 player and his side’s supporters. The 22-year-old match official, Giulia Nicastro, was officiating a youth match in Mestre, Italy where the incident took place.

The match was being played between Treporti and Miranese and a player from the former side reportedly lowered his shorts and flashed his private part to the referee when she awarded a corner to their opponents. The 14-year-old then went on to challenge the referee to send him off or perform sexual acts with him.

Nicastro was quick to show a red card to the player, which infuriated the Treporti supporters, who attacked her with more sexist insults. The fans weren’t stopped and the match continued. It was only after the encounter that Treporti coach Marco Dalla Puppa revealed that they have apologised to the organisers.

He went on to add that they are trying to contact the referee in question. “We have already apologised to the organising company. The same will be done to the referee we are trying to contact,” he said as reported by Sport Mediaset.


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