Jose Mourinho hints that Cristiano Ronaldo wants him at Juventus

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Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo had a special relationship during the former’s stint at Real Madrid. The two went their separate ways after Mourinho’s three-year reign came to an end. However, reports have now linked the two with a reunion in Italy – something about which Mourinho may have dropped a hint earlier. 

Jose Mourinho spoke to beIN Sports about one of his ex-players calling him to coach at his mystery club. The Portuguese football manager recounted the conversation as it happened:

“One of the players that I have a great relation with him, he plays for a team and he told me, ‘You should come here next season’ and I told him, ‘They don’t love me’.

“He told me, ‘You win three matches and they will start loving you’.

“This is just… we are professionals and we have respect for each other, even when we have bad reactions on the pitch, in the press conference, a player be more aggressive with another one.

“It’s people from the same industry and in the end, people respect each other.”

Recent reports have linked Jose Mourinho with the managerial job at Juventus. Moreover, some reports have even claimed that it is Cristiano Ronaldo himself who wants his compatriot to join him in Italy next season. If those rumours are true, then Mourinho’s comments fall in line with the entire situation.

Mourinho coached Ronaldo when the pair were at Real Madrid. During their time together in Spain, the two one a La Liga title. However, the former departed after just three seasons, joining his ex-club Chelsea in the process.

From Chelsea, Mourinho moved on to Cristiano Ronaldo’s old hunting grounds – Old Trafford. He was the manager of Manchester United for two-and-a-half years before he was sacked. He remains without a job at the moment but has promised to return to coaching by July.