Manchester United legend slams Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku

Former Manchester United player Paul Ince did not mince words when he spoke about Frenchman Paul Pogba.

United manager Jose Mourinho and Pogba have had issues, with the two often clashing. The latest between the two was in Pogba being benched by the Portuguese manager following their 2-2 draw against Southampton.

As for Ince, a report revealed he was not a fan of the World Cup winner.

“Pogba’s supposed to be world class, but he looks bang average,” Ince admitted.

“If he thinks his place is to come on the pitch and do stupid little flicks and tricks which lead to them losing the ball – he’s an idiot.

“You can blame Jose Mourinho for some things, but you can’t blame him for everything. Pogba doesn’t help him himself, and he’s right to be dropped.

“It doesn’t matter how big your name is. No one is too big of a name to be dropped at United, or at least they shouldn’t be.”

And when Pogba was introduced to the game against Arsenal with only 15 minutes remaining, fans had varying emotions with him on the pitch and Ince believes that the supporters are now seeing what Pogba has really brought since his arrival.

Ince went on to say: “You can see the mood of the fans changing, and their attitude and tolerance towards Pogba too. It’s rare that United players would boo a player, but they’re getting sick of his behaviour. There aren’t many United fans that would be sad to see him go.

“The attitude of the fans to me seems to be that if he’s that desperate to leave Old Trafford – he should just go. In fact, that would be the best outcome for everyone involved.

“Ander Herrera might not be the best player on the planet. But he gets United, he gets what it means to play for them and you can see he really wants to win. He has that desire which Lukaku, and particularly Pogba don’t seem to understand.

“There’s a true honour around playing for the club. And if you don’t get that, as far as I’m concerned you should be shown the door. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Man United or Morecambe.

“When it comes to Pogba. It’s just another drama, another chapter in the life of him. He was atrocious against Southampton and didn’t deserve to be picked for a game like Arsenal. It’s all well and good him moaning off the pitch, but the fact is, he’s doing nothing to deserve a place in the side.”

Outside of Pogba, Ince also spoke about players like Romelu Lukaku and commented on the Belgian: “Lukaku isn’t scoring goals at the moment and when he isn’t scoring goals, what is he good for? Nothing. He brings nothing to the table.

“If your main role is a striker, and you’re not scoring goals for fun, then what’s the point of you being on the pitch? If you aren’t scoring goals as a striker – you should be dropped. I know his confidence is low but Mourinho needs to think about the team. They’re in eighth place, which is disgraceful. So, it’s all about getting points on the table, and if that means dropping Lukaku then that’s what he should do, simple.

“If Mourinho’s seen that in his players, then he’s got every right to not play the likes of Pogba, Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez. They deserve to be told.”