Reports: Manchester United in talks with Saudi Royal family over potential takeover

Manchester United co-owner Avram Glazer was recently spotted in Saudi Arabia, fuelling rumours of a possible takeover of the club by Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

It was reported earlier that the prince was looking to invest heavily in the club, even considering the possibility of a complete takeover. However, those rumours remained just what they were – rumours.

Now though, with Glazer being spotted in the middle east, where he will reportedly speak at the Misk Global Forum, an event conceived by the Prince himself in an attempt to empower the youth of the nation, the rumours have resurfaced, claiming that a mammoth £4billion deal is in the pipeline.

The Glazers have been a part of the club for over a decade, having first entered the market way back in 2003.

Fans, however, have grown increasingly disgruntled with the owners, and at one point even welcomed the possibility of a takeover by a rich, Saudi prince.

Neighbours Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are two clubs to have received a massive boost as a result of investment from the middle east and there is a real possibility that Manchester United could be next.

Glazer, as well as United director Richard Arnold, was snapped meeting with Dr Mohammed Abo Sak, the Saudi minister of parliamentary affairs, but according to Manchester Evening News, the meeting had nothing to do with a potential takeover of the club.

Glazer was initially supposed to have travelled to the country last month, but canceled the trip after news broke of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death.

United had entered into a partnership with the Saudi Arabia sports authority last year in an attempt to help grow the sport in the region that has over 5 million football fans.

“Having the chance to help shape the football industry in the Kingdom is a great honour and it is something where we believe we can make a big difference,” Arnold had announced in October, 2017 upon signing the deal.

With relations between the parties cordial, the rumours of a takeover are not going to vanish any time soon.

Fans on Twitter too weighed in on the possibility, with a majority of them in favour of a takeover although there were a few who were sickened by the prospect: