Allardyce blames Van Gaal era for Mourinho’s struggles

According to Sam Allardyce, Jose Mourinho is still dealing with problems created during the Louis van Gaal era at Manchester United.

The danger signs for Mourinho dramatically increased after a 3-2 defeat at Brighton on Sunday, which resulted in plenty of criticism for the Portuguese boss and his team.

Allardyce wasn’t so quick to place all the blame on Mourinho’s shoulders, however, and feels like decisions Van Gaal made during his time at Old Trafford are coming back to haunt the current manager.

The former Everton boss highlighted Van Gaal’s decision to splash out on Anthony Martial in 2015 as one of the key failings of his tenure.

“You look at Van Gaal, who brought in Martial. It doesn’t matter who the manager is, Martial’s not good enough for Manchester United,” Allardyce told BeIN Sports.

“If you want to be super critical and look at the players that he’s got, Martial is not the player they thought they were getting or could develop into.

“There was a chance, where you’ve got a very big young talent, supposedly, for £50 million and compared to his first season, he’s no better now than when he first came. He should have progressed and should be as good as [Leroy] Sane or [Raheem] Sterling at Manchester City. That’s not Jose’s fault.”

Mourinho certainly doesn’t seem to be the biggest Martial fan either. The French player has not only struggled to secure game time, but he also found himself in Mourinho’s bad books over the summer after failing to return back to United’s pre-season training squad in time following the birth of his son.

Last week, Mourinho also confirmed that Martial is the only player who has been fined during his time in charge at Old Trafford.

“I’m here for two years and a couple of months and the only player that was fined was Anthony Martial, so it is not easy to be fined here,” Mourinho said.